What do you do when something just doesn’t feel right?

Where do you get your signals, that little noise or inkling that something is wrong?

✳️ For some, they call it ‘sixth sense,’ the twitching of their nose or the hairs on the back of their neck, an instinctive recoil from someone or reluctance to be near them.

✳️ You have a feeling about a business idea but don’t research and pursue it. Or

✳️ Something just does not feel right with a prospective client or deal – and it isn’t

It all starts in the belly for me.

✳️ Relationship about to break up – my stomach is not right

✳️I’m heading to a meeting where something feels askew – my stomach does not feel right.

One evening, my wife and I were walking in St Martin while on holiday, and something did not feel right the further we walked – so I said, “let’s turn back.”

I grew up hearing my mother saying, “my spirit did not take to that person,” and quite often, she was right.

Will Smith, in his excellent book – “Will,” calls it a shock collar wrapped around his central nervous system. A gradual rising electrical current, which feels like a buzZZZz. When he gets that feeling, he has learned to listen.

A woman mentioned to me that it’s a slightly different feeling from nerves or excitement, and she teaches her children to listen to those messages, that if something is not right, don’t worry about getting evidence or seeming impolite, listen to the message.

I have found that the best way to listen to that signal is not to dismiss it but stop whatever I’m doing and check in.

I may not like the answer that comes back or do what it says, but there is always a reason.

These intuitive messages are our beacons, and quite often, if you don’t listen to them – it’s at your peril. They exist to keep you safe.

It took me many years of hard knocks to pay attention, so I’ve learned to listen to it.

It’s all part of how we value ourselves, our business and our relationships.

How attuned are you?